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What a difference........Danielle Barrett
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In early 2009 we opened CrossFit DeWitt at our JM Training Sports and Fitness location which would now have a 5000sq foot facility that was teaming with athletes young and mature looking to advance their physical competences. During that time we designed strength programs for some of the top level CrossFit athletes who showcased the results of our strength programs. In September 2010, we sold CrossFit DeWitt facility to two of our trainers and now create strength programs for CrossFit athletes looking to advance their strength levels in the CrossFit community. To deliver the results that top athletes are looking for we have incorporated 11 years of real world experience in athletic development and implemented that knowledge to create one of the most multi faceted strength programs in the industry. There currently is no one (publicly) who is designing a strength program that is this in depth, no one. We also specialize in teaching sprint and running mechanics in a seminar/ clinic format. We have achieved drastic results with all of our athletes of which, you can read endorsements or look at pictures to see the results for yourself. Let us know what we can do for you.