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1st Team All - State NY HS Football

1st Team All - Ivy Cornell Football

HWT Cornell Wrestling ...Matt Pollock
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Austin Malleolo

Austin & JoshJosh Mezzo was my strength coach as well as my CrossFit Coach and he took me to new levels that I never thought possible.He was able to teach me the proper ways of how to implement strength into my training regime. He introduced me to all the ways of strength training and we combined them all into a program that fit my weaknesses and goals. He was able to assist me in raising my Deadlift over fifty ponds. He brought forth his knowledge of strength training and combined that with the CrossFit methodology which allowed me to take my training to a new level, to the 2010 CrossFit World Championship. His ever present care of me as an athlete and person meant a lot to me as an athlete and his willingness to share his knowledge made my time training with him extremely productive and fun!

2010 - 6th place finisher CrossFit Games
2011 - 1st place finisher North East regionals

Dan Goldberg

Dan & JoshBefore I started working with Josh I had been training strictly CrossFit main site for about two years. During the last 5 months of that period I started adding some extra strength days with the basic 5-3-1 Wendler program and saw some progress but starting burning out quickly. The program Josh sent me allowed me to add much more strength work on top of my metcons without burning me out. I have dramatically improved my strength in a short time. In two months I increased my back squat by 40lbs, increased my deadlift by 35lbs and increased by overhead press by 15lbs. That all happened while I dramatically cut time off my metcons. Most importantly, I was shown how much my body could really handle when taxed in just the right way.

2010 - 4th place finisher NY,NJ Sectionals
2011 - 12 place finisher North East Regionals

Daniel Murdock

Until I discovered CrossFit in 2001, at the age of 39, I dabbled in strength training combined with cardio. My fitness education was minimal, but I was interested in improving my fitness as a hedge against decrepitude. After starting CrossFit I saw many gainsin my overall fitness, but still didn't have a clear idea how to make strength gains. I don't want to run any other programs down, but I tried one strength program and really didn't see results. Other programs were so complicated I couldn't imagine understanding them let alone implementing them. Fortunately I had the opportunity to attend an introductory seminar of the + 5 program featuring instruction by the programs mastermind - Josh Mezzo. During his introduction Josh Made clear and concise points critiquing typical strength training, and then blew my mind with the simple elegance of the + 5 Program. Not only does the program offer a direct path to strength gains, but it also includes a plan to work past failed lifts and continue improving. After the classroom portion of the seminar Josh coached us through a dynamic warm up and a + 5 workout. Josh's coaching was firm and frank, but also showed a real interest in each attendees goals and growth. Each attendee hit a PR during this session , and the excitement in the room was amazing. It wasn't until I was driving home that I fully comprehended that the progress I had just made could be applied to every lift I attempt in the future. I'm still kicking myself for all those years of pursuing strength without a real plan, but thanks to Josh and the + 5 program my goals are now attainable.

Dan Murdock

Brian Kliszczewicz PhD student at Auburn University

I started Crossfiting a year ago with Josh and have not gotten enough of it since. After watching Josh with Austin Malleolo (and being severely beaten by him in WODs) I decided two things: 1) I never wanted to be beaten that bad again and 2) that I wanted to become competitive and not just a Crossfit enthusiast. When I got into a good routine in Auburn I called Josh asking some advice on how to break through and he put me on the +5 program. This program is rigorous and intense, perfect for anyone who thinks they are a firer breather. In little over a month I had seen a 20lb increase on my DeadLift, 10lb increase on my power clean, 15lb on both my press and jerk. I am by no means a beginner to resistance training; my field of study is Exercise Physiology so I hope what I am about to say will hold some weight (no pun intended). It is very normal to see large gains from anyone who is just beginning resistance training or for someone who has been inactive for a long period of time. However, it is VERY RARE to see these kinds of jumps and gains with someone who has been consistently training. As for WOD performance it has gone up substantially from finishing a consistent top 3 to finishing 1st every time and at large margin. Because of these gains I am now training for the Crossfit Games 2012…Thank you Josh for making a dream into something real!!!!

Brian Kliszczewicz
26 year old PhD student at Auburn University.

CrossFit Mohawk Valley

Josh Mezzo"s plus 5 program was an eye opener for me when it comes to strength training. I took away some important points from the seminar that we now include into our strength routines at CrossFit Mohawk Valley. The system is very simple to follow and is useful when working with multiple clients at one time. I would recommend Josh's + 5 Program for anyone who is looking to make serious strength gains using a well developed plan.

John Bartholomeo
CrossFit Mohawk Valley

Eric Schenck

I had the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching with Josh and in
a single session he was able to offer improvements to many aspects of
my training from warmup to maximizing strength gains, as well as
nutrition and recovery. He is passionate about continuously improving
the strength of his athletes to form the base needed for improvement
across all other aspects of fitness. His understanding of a wide
variety of strength building methods shows through his focused and
specific programming.

Eric Schenck

Dan Collins

I am always looking for new and innovative ways to incorporate strength into my training. I have experimented with linear progressions, volume training, traditional overload training, sleds, Wendler 5-3-1, Westside Barbell methods and pretty much anything else you can think of. Josh quickly opened my eyes to a totally new and innovative way of thinking about strength programming. He is serious about long term sustained strength gains and passionate about his program.

Dan Collins

Danielle Barrett

After just one training session with Josh I noticed an improvement in my overall running mechanics. Josh was able to notice flaws in my gate as I walked by him. He was able to make very subtle changes to my technique which resulted in a much more efficient run. I noticed that I was running the same distance with less effort at a higher speed. I would suggest anyone who is looking to improve their performance to contact Josh and have him save you time and get you going in the right direction.

Danielle Barrett - Triathlete / Competitive athlete

Dan Pollock

By the time I got back to spring practice not only was I in top physical shape but my strength numbers from spring to September were better than anyone on my team. The difference Josh made to my strength program definitely made a drastic difference in my game. If your serious about getting stronger than your on the right page. You can't go wrong listening to Josh.

Dan Pollock - St. John Fisher Football
First team all conference

Andrea Leonard

Having never been an athlete, I started working with Josh & Crossfit DeWitt in January of 2009 from the very bottom of the fitness ladder. As successful as it was, I was still not able to run very well. No matter how much effort I put into each run I knew I wasn’t running as well as I should despite the fact that I was able to run much longer than ever before. When Josh offered a running seminar I knew I had to attend to find out where I was going wrong. During the training we were coached on general running technique, we were videotaped and we were asked to do some basic drills. At each step along the way we were critiqued and corrected on our individual running habits. The results were amazing. After just 2 hours my stride was longer and more effective and running became much more comfortable. I knew the coaching would help, but I never thought the results would be quite so dramatic.

Now, at 47 years old, I can keep up with my 15-year-old daughter! I can’t thank Josh enough!

Andrea Leonard

Clay Robertson

The program worked for me. By using the extrapolation chart provided, with the strict application of rest through each set, I PR’ed ever week and never had a day when I felt too tired to train. Some of the trainers at CrossFit here saw what I was doing as over training but if used the right way (along with increasing my food intake) I actually felt more rested and prepared for each WOD. Also, I started beating peoples times, who I used to chase, and that would be after I practices skills or worked on strength. Thanks for the program, keep it!

Matt Pollock

When it comes to athletic training I have not met someone who is more knowledgeable and dedicated to your success than Josh Mezzo. I started training with Josh when as a sophomore in HS and continued on until my last year as a competitive athlete when I graduated college. Each year I trained with Josh I accomplished new goals and was always in top physical shape as shown through my numbers when I would show up for camp in the summer. I contribute a lot of my success as an athlete to Josh and I do not think I could have accomplished what I did without having him help me throughout my athletic career. If you are serious about becoming a better athlete and competitor I would recommend you speak with Josh and let him take your game to the next level.

Matt Pollock

1st Team All - State NY HS Football

1st Team All - Ivy Cornell Football

HWT Cornell Wrestling

Joe Bak

Working with Josh has been one of the biggest reality checks, learning experiences, and enjoyments for me in terms of training. The program flat out works! I previously thought that I was a decent competitor prior to using the +5 program and was hit with a wake up call when I hit new one rep max's on lifts that I never thought possible. All of the thinking is done for you, all you need to do is follow directions and be patient!!!! Results will be delivered and you will be taken to new heights in your training that you can only dream of. I swear by this program and promote it to anyone who's willing to take your training to the next level! Thanks, Josh!

Joe Bak
23, Ewa Beach, Hawaii