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The program is amazing, made huge gains..............Clay Robertson
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Football Strength

If your interested in developing Strength, Speed, Size over the next year you have to use a program that contributes to the development of the physical attributes that are seen on the field. So many programs are "general programs and just because some big names does it everyone thinks it will work for them, wrong. The unfortunate thing is that it will take you years and countless hours in the gym to ultimately come to this conclusion. How would you like to take all the thinking out of what you have to do in the gym and leave that up to someone who has trained athletes for the past 12 years? From pop Warner to D1 athletes we have trained them all. We will design a football specific program based on the demands and needs of the sport, specifically. Your only concern should be to follow the program and make it to the gym the required amount of time a week. Quickly see your PR's go up, see your speed improve, see muscle size develop (although this is the least of the concerns of the athletes (size doesn't win games, athletes do), we still have a need for functional hypertrophy.

This is a 4 day a week program that will Incorporate the entire body. I would not recommend this program if you were under 15 and have no weight lifting experience. This program is for the serious athlete at the high school to college level looking to significantly improve their performance.

You will log onto our site and download our weekly program in a pdf format for you to take to the gym. You will also receive our article on how to use this program. This will be accompanied by our extrapolation chart that you can use as a reference to find appropriate weight to use on each set. All this for $45 a month.

If you are under 18 when signing up your parent or guardian accepts all responsibility for your safety while following our program.

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