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What a difference........Danielle Barrett
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Just imagine if they were to follow my programing for 3 months, huge gains and no staleness. Where would that put some of these fire breathers? When you think of training athletes for peak performance you think of some super expensive training complex with a message room and autographs hanging on the wall. The real truth is you can make great gains in your athletic development in your basement or at your local box if you have the right programing. What would it be worth to you to have all core lifts pr on a regular basis? How much time would that save you in training hours in the pursuit of your goals? If you are looking to compete with the top performers in the CrossFit community you have to have specific programming. That's where we come in. We design strength programs for the aspiring CrossFit athlete who is looking to make significant progress in their pursuit of strength in all major lifts. Visit our strength page to get started.

Football Strength

Over the past 12 years we have designed and implemented a yearly periodized strength program that is based on the development of strength, Power and Size. Our unique design and view of programing for the sport of Football has enabled us to see our athletes continually rain strength and speed while their teammates stay flat and take a step back in the evolution of athletic performance.

CrossFit Athletes, The + 5 Program

If your goal is to eventually compete in the CrossFit Games then you need a coach. Very few if any top level athletes that make it to the Games make it without a coach. Our program is designed to make it optimal for you to gain Strength, develop Power, forget about thinking or researching the best way to gain strength and then figure out how to incorporate it into your daily WOD. We create a multi dimensional program that you simply follow, we do all the thinking for you. Take part in the same programing that two top level CrossFiters fallowed and watch your pr's increase weekly. Read our endorsements and see what they have to say....