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By training with Josh I made major strength gains on a weekly basis that none of my teammates were seeing during our summer breaks....

...Dan Pollock
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CrossFit Athletes, The + 5 Program

We have worked with some of the top CrossFitters in the North East and have had remarkable results. Our design takes into consideration all components of strength and conditioning and the end result is one of the most comprehensive, progressive and multi dimensional programs ever created for the CrossFit athletes. Most programing only takes into consideration one or maybe two aspects of the athlete. This is a hole in programing that will leave faults and components that could have been addressed and eliminated. We have over 11 years in the trenches of creating and implementing strength and conditioning programs for athletes looking to peak their performance outputs.

JM Training is the first to create a specific strength progression that has no failures. We have been using this on athletes for 11 years while most other coaches were still experimenting on workouts. I have seen most of the programming that is out there and I can say we have the most advanced and progressive programming on the market.

The + 5 program has been tried and tested by some of the top athletes in the country as you can see on our endorsement page. As well as some grinders who hope to be fire breathers at some point. This program is for the dedicated athlete, not for the weekend warrior. From warm up to cool down we prescribe all exercises, sets, reps, wods, and what to focus on for the day.

All athletes need a coach. If your serious then you need a program that has the experience and results that we have demonstrated in our athletes.The program that you will be on has 11 years of real world application, it is tried, tested and repeatable. It's simple to follow and will continuously produce results. This is the combination of cardiovascular / respiratory endurance, speed, strength, power, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination & accuracy. We combine skills with explosive work that you don't see in any other program. This is your time to see what others are doing and put your training in another coaches hands. Your job is to train.

Read our endorsement page and see what other athletes are saying.

We create this program for you and is downloadable weekly.

Our article on "how to use the + 5 program" is worth $100 alone. The article can take YEARS off of some of your training program. Think about how long you have been at the current level your at and how bad you want to move forward faster. We can show you how. Athletes are currently following this programming and are constantly PRing. We even show you top CrossFit athletes who violate our principals and you can see for yourself the results they are getting.

This is a 3 day on, 1 day off 2 day on 1 day off (7 day cycle) program which you can use for any configuration of on off days. This is recommended for the CrossFit athlete that is serious and has a good base underneath them to be able to handle the progressions. Sign up now and start our + 5 Program.

CrossFit Athlete Programming FAQ

What will I get with the $125 monthly purchase?
A: You will become a member which gets you access to our 7 day program (3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off) strength and WOD program. This is downloaded as a PDF file. You simply follow the daily program and your progress is inevitable.

Q: How do I know how to follow your program?
A: When you purchase the $125 program you will download our article "How to use the + 5 Program" This is all you will need.
Written very simply and with years of questions from other athletes this overview makes everything easy to understand.

Q: What if I'm on a 1 on 1 off or a 4 on 3 off cycle? How am I going to use your programing?
A: You would simply follow our day 1 and the next day you train you would be on our day 2.

Q: What do I get for the $125 program?
A: You will get our article " How to use the + 5 program", Extrapolation chart, Weekly pdf programing files which in them Coach will list what exercises to perform specific wod for that day and explanation of exercise application. This is in a daily view with the overall focus on your yearly programming.

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